New Article: “Political Myths in Plato and Asimov”

This article examines the use of “noble lies” in Plato’s Republic and Asimov’s Foundation trilogy.

A new article, “Political Myths in Plato and Asimov,” by Dr. Nathaniel Goldberg, has been published in Vol.2 of the Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy.

This article marks the closing of Volume 2 (2019): Dystopian Caves and Galactic Empires: Social and Political Philosophy in SF Stories. The contents of Volume 2 are:

– “Living in a Marxist Sci-Fi World: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Power of Science Fiction,” by Matías Graffigna.

– “Political Myths in Plato and Asimov,” by Nathaniel Goldberg.

– “Gallifrey Falls No More: Doctor Who’s Ontology of Time,” by Kevin Decker.

– “‘We Don’t Know Exactly How They Work’: Making Sense of Technophobia in 1973 Westworld, Futureworld, and Beyond Westworld,” by Stephano Bigliardi.

Volume 3 will be launched soon!

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