Film, Philosophy and Religion Conference: Concordia, May 2020. Call for Papers and Abstracts

Friday-Saturday 1-2, May 2020. Sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith

Hollywood’s impact and influence should not be underestimated: It’s a $40 billion annual business! Hollywood may be largely responsible for shaping who we are as individuals and a society—including what our beliefs and values are. Hollywood is neither morally nor politically neutral. Movies affect us emotionally long before we have thought it through—and all kinds of
philosophical ideas and values are smuggled in by them—while we’re enjoying some escape from the real world. The use of religious themes, ideas and imagery—unhinged from their traditional mooring—is also pervasive. The Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith at Concordia University of Edmonton cordially invites you to our ninth annual conference. The theme for 2020 is Film, Philosophy and Religion.
The keynote speaker is Dr Adam Barkman who is Professor of Philosophy at Redeemer University College. He is the co-editor of Lexington’s book series Critical Companions to Contemporary Directors. He has authored five books and is the co-editor of six books, including The Philosophy of Ang Lee, The Culture and Philosophy of Ridley Scott, A Critical Companion to Tim Burton, A Critical Companion to James Cameron and A Critical Companion to Steven Spielberg. His keynote is entitled “Ridley Scott: Film, Philosophy and Religion”.

Call for Papers and Presentations 

along the lines of the theme of Film, Philosophy and Religion
may be approached interdisciplinarily from the Humanities and Social Sciences and from the subdisciplines of Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Sociology, Culture, English Literature, Fine Art and Ethics; though this list is not intended to be restrictive. For guidelines and submissions go . The deadline for proposals is
Thursday 16th April 2020. Vernon Press will be publishing the proceedings of this conference.

Scholars who want their original unpublished papers in this book must submit them for adjudication by 31 st July 2020 to the editor Dr bill.anderson at . Scholars need not present at the conference to
submit their papers for consideration.

Register .
Student Grants to attend free .

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