Volume 1 (2018) – All Persons Great and Small

Vol. 1 (2018): All Persons Great and Small

The Notion of Personhood in SF

SF stories are in a unique position to help us examine the concept of personhood, by making the human  world engage with a bewildering variety of beings with person-like qualities – aliens of bizarre shapes and customs, artificial constructs conflicted about their artificiality, planetary-wide intelligences, collective minds, and the list goes on. Every one of these instances provides the opportunity to reflect on specific aspects of the notion of personhood, such as, for example: What is a person? What are its defining qualities? What is the connection between personhood and morality, identity, rationality, basic (“human?”) rights? What patterns do SF authors identify when describing the oppression of one group of persons by another, and how do they reflect past and present human history?

Published: 2018-06-03 (June 3, 2018)

Editorial Notes

Editor’s Notes: Vol. 1 (2018)

Alfredo Mac Laughlin

Yearly Theme (Peer-Reviewed)

Aesthetics in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Jerold J. Abrams

Moreau’s Law in “The Island of Doctor Moreau” in Light of Kant’s Reciprocity Thesis

Dan Paul Dal Monte

Carving a Life from Legacy: Free Will and Manipulation in Greg Egan’s “Reasons to Be Cheerful”

Taylor W. Cyr

Persons and a Metaphysics of the Navel

Dennis M. Weiss

The Creolizing Genre of SF and the Nightmare of Whiteness in John W. Campbell’s “Who Goes There?”

Bernabe S. Mendoza

The Education Station: Teaching with SF

Teaching Firefly

James Rocha

Teaching Firefly: Companion Material. A Class Schedule for a Course on Joss Whedon and Philosophy

James Rocha

Book Reviews

Westworld and Philosophy: If You Go Looking for the Truth Get the Whole Thing

Stefano Bigliardi

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