Lexington Books’ Politics, Literature, and Film series

Call for Proposals

Lexington Books’ Politics, Literature, and Film series is actively seeking proposals for academic works that fit the description below: 

This interdisciplinary series examines the intersection of politics with literature and/or film. The series is receptive to works that use a variety of methodological approaches, focus on any period from antiquity to the present, and situate their analysis in national, comparative, or global contexts. Politics, Literature, and Film seeks to be truly interdisciplinary by including authors from all the social sciences and humanities, such as political science, sociology, psychology, literature, philosophy, history, religious studies, and law. The series is open to both American and non-American literature and film. By putting forth bold and innovative ideas that appeal to a broad range of interests, the series aims to enrich our conversations about literature, film, and their relationship to politics.

All manuscripts will be double-blind peer-reviewed. Once the manuscript has gone into production, all costs will be covered by Lexington Books. All titles are released first as hardcover and ebooks and later as paperbacks (usually within 18 months). Titles available as paperback become available as a free exam copy for any professor considering adoption of the book for their course.

The primary market of Lexington Books is the academic library market, with the objective that their books will remain on library bookshelves and databases for decades to inform current and future scholars. Lexington attends most major disciplinary conferences as well as regional ones. For every conference Lexington attends, there is a corresponding catalog highlighting the titles on display in their exhibit booth. Those catalogs are also direct mailed to anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 recipients carefully chosen for relevance based on discipline-specific mailing lists. Lexington publishes quantitative books and qualitative books, left-leaning books and right-leaning books, historical and contemporary titles, theoretical and practical. Lexington Books itself is a division of Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group.

Potential authors who may be interested in publishing with us, contact Lee Trepanier (ldtrepan at svsu.edu).

Find out more: https://rowman.com/Action/SERIES/LEX/LEXPLF

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