How to Register as an Author, Reviewer or Reader

The Journal's website uses a management software called OJS, which makes it very easy to register and keep track of reviews. We apologize in advance for the need to keep track of yet another password, but other than that registration is very straightforward and simple. All articles are reviewed via the website, so you'll have to be registered before I can assign you any papers.

If you don't want to register by yourself, just let the editor know and I'll send you an email with your username and password. Otherwise:
(1) Go to and click on the "LOGIN" tab.
Inline image 1
(2) Click on "Not a user? Register with this site."
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(3) In the next page, you'll be asked to choose a username and a password (the only condition for the password is that it be at least 6 characters long).
In the same page, there are fields for your name, affiliation, and some other information. Fill as many as you want -- you can always come back and edit them later.
If you want to register as a Reviewer: Do indicate your credentials in the "Bio statement" field (so the Journal can justify the "peer" in "peer review.") The most helpful for us is the very last field, in which you list your reviewing interests. (Click here to find more information about being a Reviewer for the Journal.)
It is not strictly necessary to do this to register as an Author, but it can be useful.
(4) At the very bottom of the form, there are check boxes for "Reader", "Author" and "Reviewer."
  • Check on "Reader" (so you receive notifications when a new number is published).
  • If, or when you want to submit an article to the Journal, check the "Author" box.
  • If you want to volunteer as a "Reviewer," check on the corresponding box, and list your reviewing interests (this is very helpful for us). But make sure you also send an e-mail to the Editor, including your qualifications and areas of interests, so you are included in the "official" list of Reviewers.
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That's it! Click on "Register" and you are done.