Teaching Firefly: Companion Material. A Class Schedule for a Course on Joss Whedon and Philosophy

  • James Rocha Fresno State
Keywords: teaching, Firefly, Joss Whedon, schedule, Angel


This schedule, provided as a companion to my "Teaching Firefly" article, was used for a sophomore level philosophy course that was populated mostly by non-majors. The original idea for the course was to develop a popular culture philosophy course that would attract students from all over campus, which was meant to both introduce them to multiple philosophical ideas and theories and hopefully convince some of them to major or minor in philosophy. The course was quite successful at drawing Whedon fans from across the university (after a certain amount of advertising through posters and social media). Students were very engaged with both discussions of episodes and the readings.

Author Biography

James Rocha, Fresno State
Philosophy Department, Assistant Professor
The Education Station: Teaching with SF