Thanks to all who voted!


Thanks for all who voted to decide the 2020 Yearly Theme for the Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy. The theme that got the highest number of votes was #5: "Is Knowledge a Blessing or a Curse?" We will be sending a Call for Papers shortly.

For those curious about how the voting went, #5 carried the palm just one vote ahead of #4: "Should we fear artificial intelligence?" and two votes ahead of #1: "Surveillance Capitalism and the New Panopticon." Curiously, not one person voted for #3: "Technology: Savior or Destroyer?"

As a voter commented, theme #5 to some extent includes all the others. My own preferences aside (#1 was my favorite) it made my heart glad to see that philosophers would choose to focus on the root issues first. (There is room, of course, for all topics in the General Articles section.)

-- Alfredo Mac Laughlin, Editor

Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy