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Vol 1 (2018): All Persons Great and Small: The Notion of Personhood in SF

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The Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy is a peer-reviewed, online, open access journal that aims to foster the appreciation of science fiction as a medium for philosophical reflection.  It focuses on the analysis of philosophical themes in science fiction in all formats and on their use for the discussion, teaching, and narrative modeling of philosophical ideas. 

 The journal aims both to serve as a medium for academic dialogue and to attract and introduce a non-academic public to philosophical discussions. It invites submissions from any discipline in philosophy, including both analytic and continental approaches.

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Call for Papers: Vol.2, 2019

From Dystopian Caves to Galactic Federations: Social and Political Philosophy in Science Fiction Stories.

 One of the main roles of science fiction has been to warn us – sometimes humorously, sometimes through grim pessimism – of looming social dangers, the product of particular ideas, technologies or social trends. Just how powerful these warnings can be in the public’s imagination may be gauged by the ubiquity of the expression “Big Brother” in political reflection. Occasionally, too, SF has been used to propose somewhat utopian forms of organization. The goal of our 2019 Yearly Theme is to promote a critical discussion of these themes. Are recent dystopian stories warning us about possible bias, or do they instead reinforce us in our blindspots? Are there to be found in SF particularly creative systems of social organization that might be worth exploring? What does SF have to say about the explosive use of big data in social vigilance and control? Above all, what does SF bring to this philosophical discussion that is particular to its own domain?

 The Journal accepts papers year-round. The deadline for the first round of reviews for its yearly theme is October 1st, 2018. 

 Quiz: How many "persons" can you recognize on the cover of Volume 1?

Take the "SF Persons" quiz! The characters portrayed here have been chosen because they all have some bearing on philosophical reflections about the notion of personhood. How many can you name?

 Call for Papers - Vol. 1, 2018 (Still open!)

All Persons Great and Small: The Notion of Personhood in Science Fiction Stories.

SF stories are in a unique position to help us examine the concept of personhood, by making the human  world engage with a bewildering variety of beings with person-like qualities – aliens of bizarre shapes and customs, artificial constructs conflicted about their artificiality, planetary-wide intelligences, collective minds, and the list goes on. Every one of these instances provides the opportunity to reflect on specific aspects of the notion of personhood, such as, for example: What is a person? What are its defining qualities? What is the connection between personhood and morality, identity, rationality, basic (“human?”) rights? What patterns do SF authors identify when describing the oppression of one group of persons by another, and how do they reflect past and present human history?

The Journal will continue to accept papers and proposals for the 2018 yearly theme until October 1, 2017.

 Also accepted all year round:

General Articles

The Journal is always looking for papers and paper proposals, even if not related to its Yearly Theme! All areas of philosophy are welcome. Any format of SF story (short story, novel, movie, TV series, interactive) may be addressed. Papers must develop a philosophical idea in an original direction (i.e., not merely illustrate a well-known philosophical concept). The Journal accepts papers year-round.

Response Essays

Response essays are short pieces of scholarly literature (1-4 pages) responding to philosophical issues in current or past journal articles (or responding to previous responses). They are not peer-reviewed, but are subject to editorial approval and added to the current volume’s contents. They may focus on very specific elements of a published article, providing the opportunity to clarify, criticize, support or debunk with technical expertise, but without the burden of writing a full-fledge article to that effect. Authors may use this feature too, to clarify or defend, or to acknowledge an accurate criticism and modify their views. (See Section Policies for more information.)

Book Reviews

The Book Reviews contains exclusively reviews of books on science fiction and philosophy. JSFP does not review science fiction narratives (SF short stories, novels, etc.); only books that provide a philosophical analysis of SF as a genre, or of specific SF narratives, or books that analyze the ideas and legacy of an SF author or movement. Because there is some "catching up" to do, there is not at present a limitation on how new a publication should be; JSFP accepts new reviews of "old" books, as long as the review is original and previously unpublished.  (See Section Policies for more information.) Stay tuned for an upcoming "wish list"!

Contact the Editor at with any questions, or visit for more information.



How many "persons" can you recognize on the cover of Volume 1?

(A quiz for SF afficionados)  
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Call for Papers: Vol. 2 (2019)

Call for papers for the next Volume.  
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Call for Papers

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Vol 1 (2018): All Persons Great and Small: The Notion of Personhood in SF

SFJP Vol 1 Cover